Inspired By Our Love Of Golf

A love of golf and an understanding of the challenges the sport faces today underlie everything we’re doing at Gohemian Vehicle Co. As an innovative, socially aware company, we’ve addressed the deep concern about golf’s impact on the environment as well as a growing consensus that it takes too much time to play. By offering an alternative to the standard golf cart, we’re helping to head things in a positive direction.

Our initial vehicle is lightweight with a small footprint, so it’s easy on turf and conserves energy—making it easy on the Earth. A hybrid vehicle designed to increase the speed of play, the first Gohemian lets players with busy schedules get exercise while they golf, so they don’t have to choose between hitting the green or the gym.

Our primary mission at Gohemian was to engineer a vehicle that would help ensure the future of golf by making it a better experience for everyone. We believe our flagship vehicle, the Turf Cruiser™, does that well. We hope you agree.