Gohemian Turf Cruiser Vehicle

Vehicle specifications

Length:81″ front of front tires to end of back tires

87″ front of front tires to end of bag rack

Width:38″ outside edge of front tires

25″ outside edge of back tires

Height:42″ lowest, 48″ tallest.
(top of backrest)
Front tires:3″ x 18″
Back tires:4.25″ x 20″
Rims:Cast aluminum

Power specifications

Power:Pedaling by rider; 750 watt motor assist
Battery capacity:17.5 amp/hour
Battery weight:11 lbs.
Charge time:6 hours (for fully drained battery)

Additional specifications

Weight capacity:280 lbs. (excluding bag)
Bag rack capacity:35 lbs.
Unloaded weight:Total 170 lbs.—front 73 lbs. (43%); back 97 lbs. (57%)
Loaded weight:220 lb. person, 2nd furthest back seat position
Total 390 lbs.—front 150 lbs. (38%); back 240 lbs. (62%)
Approximate top speed:13 mph
Gears:Single gear
Brakes:Hydraulic – 2 front, 2 back